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One of the single biggest causes of death and injury in the work place is “falls from height” Defined in Australia as “Where a fall is possible from one level to another. Refer Codes of Practice “Working at Heights”

Responsibility for the operator’s health & safety whilst working at heights is the responsibility of both the employer and employee/s alike. Fall Prevention and Fall Protection is a major issue in the workplace as legal measures are increasingly introduced worldwide to ensure safety measures are in place to protect the operator whilst working at heights. 


Bob Adams Lifting (BAL) is the Australian and New Zealand authorized service centre providing inspections, maintenance, testing and diagnostics for the WinGrip System, a vacuum-based fall protection solution for aircraft manufacturing and maintenance. The WinGrip System can be attached to wings, fuselage, or stabilizers. Subsequently, workers with full-body harnesses will attach to a system via work positioning ropes, enabling hands-free maintenance and aircraft inspection access.

WinGrip System is tested and rated for fall arrest purposes, with an engineered safety factor of two, limiting load transfer to the aircraft structure.


WinGrip is produced with an array of solutions to meet from anchor systems, barrier systems, AIO (all on one), and line systems. MSA Latchways have worked alongside Aircraft manufactures, and MRO’s (Maintenance, Repair, Operations) globally over the past decades to assist in providing a suitable, time effective working at heights solution, including safety harnesses, PRD (Personal Rescue Devices) and SRLs (Self Retracting Lanyards) alike.

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