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We at Bob Adams Lifting (BAL) have extensive technical ability, experience, and knowledge attained through our many years of dedication in the field of lifting, rigging, quality and safety.

Bob Adams Lifting (BAL) is a quality endorsed company (NATA) to international standards - ISO/IEC 17020:2012, with a team of experienced and well-trained professionals dedicated to providing quality assurance in all our dealings with you. This also denotes that our equipment is correctly calibrated and maintained to ensure that quality assurance is adhered to at all times.


We have partnerships and represent national and international industry groups, industry-leaders and suppliers. We as a company are passionate about what we do, whilst always keeping our team trained & updated with the latest industry trends, standards and changes that might have direct and/or indirect impact to our clients.

Our Onsite & Offsite services which are available upon request include:

  • Non-Destructive Testing

  • Eddy-Current Testing

  • Identification / Labelling 

  • Blasting and Coatings

  • Ultrasonic Washing/Cleaning

  • Welding Services

  • Major and Minor Fabrication

  • High Safety Systems

and a range of other specialised services

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