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Inspection Services

There is a high risk of injury when using lifting equipment and tooling, especially in cases where inspections, examination, and tests have not been performed regularly. The costs to businesses in the event of accidents or when something goes wrong is significant, in addition to the emotional traumas inflicted upon work personnel and family members.

It is imperative that the scheduled preventative examinations and inspections are undertaken to ensure equipment integrity and reliability. The Bob Adams Lifting (BAL) team of professionals perform visual and detailed assessments and inspections of equipment to ensure both safety and compliance are met, so that the equipment can continue to serve its intended purpose whilst being used safely.

There are numerous defects that are not easily detected to an experienced inspection professional, let alone to untrained personnel. Bob Adams Lifting (BAL) ensures that our team of professionals are regularly trained to be on top of their expertise, ensuring consistency and best practice at all times. Thus, providing our customers with an experienced team of SME (Subject matter experts)

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