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Testing Services

It is industry standard that all new lifting equipment and tooling be thoroughly tested prior to production use (manufacture, modification, repair). You can rest assure that all equipment provided or serviced by Bob Adams Lifting (BAL) is completed with our quality assurance processes and that it has passed its rigorous test procedures.

Our NATA accredited facility and capacity allows us to provide inspection services to cater for a broad range of lifting equipment, tooling and Height Safety equipment. Bob Adams Lifting (BAL) provides load testing as part of this, to determine an equipment's behaviour, under both normal and anticipated peak load conditions. This in turn helps to identify the maximum operating capacity (WLL) of the equipment as well as any bottlenecks to determine any factors causing degradation. This helps ensure optimal equipment functionality, operation, and delivery.

Bob Adams Lifting (BAL) also performs proof testing - a form of stress test to demonstrate the fitness of a load-bearing structure. Such a structure is often subjected to loads (i.e. proof forces) above that expected in its actual use (i.e. working load limits), to demonstrate and ensure safety and design margins.

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