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Repair Services

With faulty or non-compliant equipment that has been identified during Bob Adams Lifting (BAL) inspection and testing processes, repairs may be required (wherever possible) to ensure safe and operational function is obtained and cost-effective if relevant to do so.


In cases where repairs are not possible and/or if the repair costs are not feasible, replacement components and/or equipment will be recommended accordingly. All supplied equipment will be accompanied by a CoC (certificate of conformance) from the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for tractility and compliance purposes.


Where inspections, maintenance and testing have been completed, the correlation of data is at the for front of asset management and our quality control measures. It is imperative at Bob Adams Lifting (BAL) that all items are returned and delivered identified in a manner to correctly identify, track and store equipment to its storage location, intended use/purpose, or be returned correctly after operational requirement.

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